Interim Officers and Election Timeline

Posted: 7/6/2020


In accordance with the Class of 2003 Bylaws, the Class Officers and Executive Committee accept John Reeves’ resignation and I assume the position of Interim President of the Class of 2003 effective immediately.  I’ve consulted with the Class Officers and Executive Committee and this will be our way forward:

  1. Heather Selig will serve as Interim VP. She will also continue to serve as Class Secretary.
  2. There will be a Special Election for President.  We aim to start the process as soon as possible and announce the new President by August 13, 2020.  The Webmaster and Correspondence Sec will provide everyone with overall execution guidance including timelines, nomination process, and voting (message below).
  3. Following the confirmation of the new President, Heather and I will resume the positions we were originally voted into.
  4. This message will also be emailed to the Class.

A call to action:  Please update your USNAAA information, at the very least, a current email address to allow for effective class communications.  The website is:

Thank you for your time.

Fernando Reyes


Aught Three,

Due to the vacancy of the Class of 2003 President, we will be holding a special election for the new class Class President in accordance with the Class of 2003 Bylaws (Article VI and VII apply).

The election committee is comprised of myself (Correspondence Secretary) and Kevin Hagan (Class Webmaster). We will help facilitate the candidate nomination process, the petition process (a candidate must receive at least 50 signatures), and finally the election.

We are working to find a platform to host both the petition process and election that is user friendly and secure.  We will provide an update once we have identified the website.  Below you will find the timeline for the election process which we will adhere to in order to abide by our bylaws to make the process as transparent and fair as possible.

Nomination inputs: 06 July (0900 EST) – 12 July (2100 EST)*

Petition period to generate the necessary 50 votes: 13 July (0900 EST) – 19 July (2100 EST)**

Official nominees announced: 20 July (0900 EST)

Nominee campaign period: 20 July (0901 EST) – 23 July (2100 EST)

Voting period: 24 July (0900 EST) – 07 August (2100 EST)

Counting of ballots: 08 August – 12 August

Announcement of the new Class President: 13 August (2000 EST) via Facebook live

*Note 1: Nominations for the Class President can be submitted via email to:  or messaging me via Facebook messenger during the time period noted above.

**Note 2: Please note that during the petition process, you can vote for more than 1 candidate.
I appreciate all the help and support from our Class Officers and Executive Committee as we navigate through this transition period.  I look forward to your participation and please let myself or Kevin Hagan ( know if you have any questions.

Very Respectfully,

The Election Committee