Class of 2003 ByLaws

These Bylaws provide for the voluntary participation of members of the Class of 2003, United States Naval Academy (USNA), as an entity, to support the USNA, thUSNA Alumni Association (USNA AA), and individual members of the class.

USNA Class of 2003 Bylaws


The mission of the USNA Class of 2003 is to facilitate personal/social interaction and communication efforts among Class members and to support the US Naval Academy through active involvement with the USNA Alumni Association, the USNA Foundation and Naval Academy Leadership.


The USNA Class of 2003 is non-profit organization. It can only exist through volunteer service and financial support from Class members.
1. The Class shall manage business in accordance with the Bylaws through an active Executive Committee.
2. Regional Chapters (North, South, and West) will locally represent the Class of 2003 for the purposes of personal and social interaction. Volunteer/Elected Regional Governors will communicate directly with both the Executive committee and elected Class Officers.


The implementation of the mission of the USNA Class of 2003, as delineated in these Bylaws shall be lead and managed by the Class Officers, via an Executive Committee.
1. The Class Officers shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
2. The President and Vice President shall appoint the following positions to the Executive Committee:
a. Correspondance Secretary
b. Reunion Chairman
c. Webmaster
d. Fund Raising Chairman
e. Regional Chapter Governors
3. The Executive Committee may add temporary positions as necessary to support class event and interests.
4. Any and all former Class Officers are entitled to participate as at large Executive Committee members for the explicit purposes of providing pasexperience and insight to committee discussions and planning.


Members of the Executive Committee shall be active members of the USNA AA.

a. Be responsi Ie for the leadership of the Class of 2003



b. Represent th Class in all affairs

c. Appoint and mpower, with approval of the Executive Committee,

other volunt er classmates for specific duties.

3. The Vice President saIl:

a. Act as Presid nt in the event of a vacancy of office, or in the incapacity

of the Presid nt to perform his duties.

b. Assemble, u date and publish the Class Plan.

4. The Secretary shall:

a. Keep a recor of the proceedings of the Class and Executive

Committee eetings

b. Be custodian of all records of the Class

c. Be responsi Ie for publishing the results from the Annual Meeting of

the Class an from Executive Committee meetings in the next issue of

Shipmate an on the Class webpage.

d. Maintain cus ody of the Class Crest

e. Prepare ne letters, as appropriate

S. The Treasurer shall

a. Oversee the inancial activity of the Class, under the direction of the

Executive co mittee with approval from the Class President.

b. Provide a fin nce report at each Executive Committee meeting

6. The Reunion Chair an shall:

a. Be responsi Ie for organizing Class Reunions

b. Be appointe by the Executive Committee and approved by the Class

President at east two years prior to the upcoming class reunion

c. Recommend reunion committee members to the Executive Committee

7. The Webmaster sh 11:

a. Update the ass webpage as required

b. Disseminate electronic correspondence to the class as directed by the

class officer

c. Work in con unction with the Correspondence Secretary to conduct

elections of lass Officers.

8. The Corresponden e Secretary shall:

a. Submit mon hly articles to Shipmate and the Webmaster

b. Work in con unction with the Webmaster to conduct elections of Class


9. The Fund Raising C airman shall:

a. Solicit fund for major Class projects on behalf of the USNA


b. Have no oth r monetary responsibilities within the Class structure


1. There may be Regi nal Chapters as dictated by the geographical distribution

of the members of he Class and delineated in the Class Plan.

2. Each Regional Cha ter shall maintain liaison with the Executive Committee

on all matters pert ining to the Class in that region.


3. Regional Chapters ay submit request for funds to the Treasure for Regional

Class functions. Th Treasurer will forward requests in addition to any

financial recommen ation to the Class Officers via the Executive Committee.

4. Regional Chapters s all organize themselves as they deem appropriate.


1. Election of the Class Officers shall be held every five (5) years and the result

announced during t e Class meeting of the associated Reunion.

2. Class Officers shall:

a. Be elected b a plurality vote of the responding membership of the


b. Begin their t rm at a major reunion

3. The Election Comm ttee shall be comprised of the Corresponding Secretary

and the Webmaster The Election Committee will coordinate the nomination


4. Nominations of CIa s Officers shall be by written petition of 50 members of

the Class.

5. The ballot for Class fficers shall contain the names of all nominees in

alphabetical order, ithout distinction as to the method of nomination. A

ballot shall be sent 0 each member of the class (graduate) at least 45 days

prior to the Reunio meeting.

6. The ballots shall be eturned to the Election Committee no later than 14 days

preceding the date et for the Reunion Meeting.

7. The election commi tee will count the ballots and report the results to the

class at the Reunio meeting.

8. In case of a tie vote, the elections shall be decided by the members of the

Executive com mitt e, excluding the Class Officers.

9. Election Committee shall retain custody of the ballots for 5 days following the

Reunion Meeting a d then, unless otherwise directed by the President or the

Vice President, shal dispose of them.

Any executive Com ittee member shall resign when they feel that they

cannot commit the ecessary time or effort to the Class to fulfill the duties of

their office.

a. f the vacancy of the President, the Vice President will

become the lass President.

b. f the vacancy of the Vice President, the President may

choose to ra se either the Secretary or the Treasurer to Vice President.

2. Any Executive Com ittee member may be removed from their position, for

cause, by a majori vote of the members of the Executive Committee.

3. In the event of deat , resignation, or removal of an officer, a special election

to elect a new class officer shall be conducted in accordance with Article VI.

Newly elected class officers will serve the remainder of the current term.



1. Meetings of the Exe tive Committee shall be held at such times and places

as may be necessary to carry out the duties of that committee, but at least


2. Meetings may be cal ed by the President, the Vice President, and any two or

more members of th Executive Committee. The Secretary shall notify

members by the mo t expeditious means.

3. Meetings may be co ducted by any means approved by the Executive



1. The Class Plan will rovide the long range vision and intermediate objectives

of the Class.

2. The Class Plan is a orking document for conducting the day to day business

of the Class. It shall e updated as objectives are met or change, and when

the environment in hich the Class operates so dictates.


1. The funds are main ained, controlled, and accounted for by the Treasurer.

2. Any proposal or mo ion that may require the raising of additional Class funds

must be submitted 0 and approved by the Executive Committee.

3. Class funds shall be pplied solely toward the promotion of the mission of the

Class. The Treasur r shall reimburse expenditures made on behalf of the

Class from the oper ting funds in the following manner:

a. The Treasur r may allocate any amount less than $100

b. The Class pr sident must approve any amount from $100 to $1,000

c. The Executi e Committee must approve any amount great than


4. In order to preserv ,protect and enhance the net worth of the Class’ financial

assets, the Executiv committee will require the Treasurer, on a periodic

basis, to review the investments/expenditures of the Class and make

recommended cha ges.

5. A quarterly financi I report will be provided for each Class Officer.


1. Any member of the Class may submit in writing to the Executive Committee a

proposed Amendm nt to the By Laws. All such proposals must be signed by

100 classmates oth r than the Executive Committee members.

2. The Executive Com ittee may draft and vote on amendments to the By Laws

as it deems necess ry.

3. A majority vote oft e Executive Committee is required to adopt any

Amendment to the lass By Laws.